“heart-stopping drama.”

Liverpool Daily Post

“excellent cast…inspired”

Liverpool Echo


Alice in Wonderland

Alice was having a strange day. In the grounds of Croxteth Hall, Merseyside, sometime toward the flickering remnant of the previous century, there were three idiots pretending to be her and her new somewhat psychedelic mates.

On and off of platforms, in and out of doors they scurried, drinking tea and desperately trying to hold the attention of 200 schoolchildren a day. That’s a whole generation of Liverpudlian children traumatized by David and Tim forcing them to be hoops, flamingos and hedgehogs.

AND Alice, much to the chagrin of children who really shouldn’t read so much, was dressed – for the most boringly practical reasons – not in a skirt but in trousers. How the little ones yelped with frustration!

Adapted by Tim; Performed by Ann, Tim and David; Directed by Wendy Harris. (RED LADDER) (Designed by sticking leaves and branches, artistically, on the set of The Wheel)