"Something very marvellous - richly comic and darkly bizarre."

The Guardian

"Delicatley written, impeccably performed and deliciously sung..."

The Belfast Telegraph


"HENRY'S SONG" ©2001. Wood/Hibberd.

"SOON TO BE DEAD BOB" ©2001. Wood/Hibberd.

Written by Tim Hibberd/Matthew Wood. Henry’s Song performed by Matthew Wood; Soon to be dead Bob performed by Rachel Essex, Ann Farrar and Tim Hibberd.


A dark comedy with music and elephants. Shot at and besieged by their one-time friends and neighbours, life for the inhabitants of the city hangs by a silk thread from a knife-edge. Even the batsmen of the bi-annual non-combatants’ cricket match are being sniped at mid-wicket.

In the midst of madness two lovers from opposite sides of the river meet, and, as will happen in warring cities and theatre shows, fall in love. With stories taken from the sieges of Troy to Ladysmith to Sarajevo, a cast of 3 bring to the stage a city, 2 lovers and an elephant called Henry.

Written by Tim; Performed Originally by Tim, Steve Harper and Sarah Brignall in Edinburgh and by Tim, Rachel Essex and Ann Farrar on tour; Directed by Xavier Leret (KAOS THEATRE); Musical Direction by Matthew Wood; Designed by Madelaine Millar; Lighting Designed by Mike Wight.


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