"Undeniably funny in anybody’s language – highly professional ridiculous comic theatre."

The Scotsman



Heard the one about the miller, the merchant, two nuns and a monk, three new brides, a wide variety of knights, Death, a rooster and a red hot poker?

Well, once upon a number of donkeys there was a merry band of travellers, one of them turned to the others and said:
"Oi! Know any good stories?"

The rest, as they say, is history. History, however, in the hands of The Rejects…

Written by Tim from devising by the cast; Performed by Ann, Tim, David, Andy Frizell, Paula Simms, Hannah Marshall, Keith McPherson; Directed by Pete Brooks; Designed by Michael Breakey; Costumes by Nadejda Stoyanova; Lighting Designed by Mike Wight.