“heart-stopping drama.”

Liverpool Daily Post

“excellent cast…inspired”

Liverpool Echo



For a number of years the company worked with John Airs and Chris Ball of the Liverpool Education Drama Unit to bring to life a range of stories for school children. Performed in Liverpool Anglican and Chester cathedrals these interactive enactments included the stories of Quasimodo, Pope Joan and Thomas a Beckett.

In each of the performances the children were invited to make judgements on the characters, re-direct some of the action and directly join in as locals and other interested parties.

Favourite moments included the falcon which was flown by Henry the First (David) at Chester – it was trained to swoop low over anyone foolish enough to be expecting a bit of peace and quiet in the pews. It was also trained to fly majestically to the roof of the cathedral and plunge down again to his master’s glove; a personal high point was watching as King Henry theatrically released the magnificent bird from his hand, shouting “Sheba! Fly!” only for it to hop off his glove onto the ground having been put the wrong way round on his arm.
Quasimodo included the daring rescue of Esmarelda by the hunchback complete with booming cathedral organ music and a follow spot, and watching as the pupils set fire to each others hair as they climbed the massive spiral staircase by candlelight.