"Ridiculous physical performances and an endearingly daffy plot-line. The company has a sharp collective eye for the lampoonable excesses of good old English pluck. And they do terrific camel impressions."

Ian Shuttleworth,
The Independent

"No dramatic ploy is left unturned, no moment of action left unfilled - a wonderful piece of physical theatre. Tremendous."

Jan Brierly,
The Scotsman


From the fog of smoggy Hampstead marshes to the blistering heat of an Egyptian noon, PEASOUPER is the epic tale of greed, jealousy and man’s inhumanity to camels. The heart wrenching story of one woman’s love for one man (and his refusal to shave his sideburns), PEASOUPER blazes across three continents, over the roof of a speeding 2nd class carriage and arrives back in time for a murder most fatal...

PEASOUPER was premiered at the 1995 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, at which it won the coveted FRINGE FIRST and SPIRIT OF THE FRINGE awards.

Written by Tim from devising by the cast; Performed by Ann, Tim and David; Directed by Bim Mason (CIRCOMEDIA); Designed by Abi Bown; Lighting Designed by Mike Wight.



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