"The Steppe Brothers has the edge over most comedy theatre on the Fringe because there is wit in its contrived witlessness, and sense in its silliness. It is an exceptionally literate show and is performed by a cast of three with considerable dash..."

The Guardian

"A delight, generating more laughs that any three other comedies on the Fringe..."

The Stage



The fearsome Steppe Brothers maraud the Western borders of the Slavic Empire at the time of the Crusades.

The rather less fearsome comedy duo who only pretend to be the Steppe Brothers as part of their camp following act (“The Steppe Brothers, Murderers of Plovers, We’re so Fearsome that we Scare Ourselves”) maraud chicken coops. About to be hanged, again, they make their escape and decide the only sensible thing to do is switch sides, entertaining the inhabitants of the town their army is currently besieging.

Which would be fine – if stupid – if the real Steppe Brothers weren’t expected in the town at roughly the same point. And with the arrival of the twin queens of France - at least one of whom is a psychopath – and the ghost of their dead Mother – she’s in the props box – things start to get a little confusing…

Written by Tim Hibberd, Directed by Ezra Hjalmarsson; Performed (Edinburgh Fringe Festival) by Tim Hibberd, Phoebe Soteriades and Matt Steer and (National Tour) by Sarah Goddard, Liam Tobin and James Wooldridge; Music by Andy Frizell; Design by Michael Breakey, Lighting by Mike Wight, Costumes by Toni Bate.


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