“Amazing! Rejects Revenge constantly make us believe the of the most successful companies at the festival.”

Vasarnapi Hirek (Sunday News), Hungary


Three soldiers accidentally fire a cannon into a palace, as you do, and are subsequently sent on a quest to defeat The Rebel Leader. Needless to say they are complete incompetents, but via a punt with rotten floorboards, the most depraved and peg-legged pirates of the seven seas and the massacre of most of the other characters in the play, they manage to save the day and end up back on guard duty. In 1994 The Wheel became the first show by a foreign theatre company ever to be toured to Albanian theatres. It was also a hit at the Brouhaha International Theatre Festival in Budapest and at the first Spring Festival in Thessaloniki. Punt song by the company. Designed by Jo Harris. Directed by Wendy Harris.

Written by Tim from devising by the cast; Performed by Ann, Tim and David; Directed by Wendy Harris (RED LADDER); Designed by Abi Bown; Lighting Designed by Richard Jenkins


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